SacredHeart Heron Lake
Tri-Parish Mass Intentions
Saturday (1-25)
5:00 pm  -  Brewster
† Joe & Marie McCarvel
Sunday (1-26)
8:00 am  -  Heron Lake
† Walter & Agatha Liepold
10:00 am  -  Windom
† Mavis Ratzloff
11:45 am  -  Spanish Mass (Windom)
† Ronald Veenker
Tuesday (1-28)
5:30 pm  -  Windom
† Clara Bartosh
Wednesday (1-29)
9:30 am  -  Lakeview A/L
† Robert Stenzel
Thursday (1-30)
9:00 am  -  Brewster
† Judy Ouellette
Friday (1-31)
9:30 am  -  Sogge Home
† Lorraine Mathias
Saturday (2-1)
5:00 pm  -  Brewster
† Laurie Haberman
Sunday (2-2)
8:00 am  -  Heron Lake
† John & Anna Mathias
10:00 am  -  Windom
† Ray Anderson
8:00 Mass at Sacred Heart in Heron Lake will not be held Sunday January 19th.
10:00 Mass in Windom will remain as scheduled.
O Sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of eternal life, Your Heart is a glowing furnace of Love. You are my refuge and my sanctuary.
St. Gertrude the Great

We, the parishioners of Sacred Heart, welcome you to join our parish community.  On this website you will find information about our parish, including Mass Times, how to contact the Parish Office, information about faith formation programs and more.
Readings: Isaiah 8:23‑9:3;1 Corinthians 1:10‑13, 17; Matthew 4:12‑23
Weekly Gospel Reflection
It begins! Jesus is doing something new. “He left Nazareth and went to live in Capernaum by the sea.” Jesus leaves his family, his profession of carpentry, and everything he has known and loved for the previous 30 years. He goes because it is time. Something new is beginning, and Jesus will not begin it alone. “As he was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers ... he walked along from there and saw two other brothers.” What does he say to these men? “Come after me.” These words are for Peter and Andrew, for James and for John. They are also for all of us.
“Come after me.” The adventure of discipleship will be strange, wild, and unexpected. The Apostles surely didn’t know what they were getting into. But the invitation is accompanied by a promise. “I will make you fishers of men,” Jesus tells the first Apostles. No more will their priorities be limited to this particular village, to the square miles of the Sea of Galilee. Their eyes will be open to the kingdom of God, and their priorities will shift.
Most of us will not be called to roam the countryside, but we are invited to a similar shift of priorities. “Come after me,” Jesus says. “At once they left their nets and followed him.” Drop the nets of what you’ve demanded your life to be. Drop your self-seeking priorities. Drop your concept of religion as a Sunday obligation and no more. Drop your disregard for those outside your immediate social sphere. Whatever it is that keeps you from seeing as Jesus sees, from loving as he loves, start to drop it today. Because the kingdom of God is waiting for your yes!
THE PARISH OFFICE will be closed the week of February 10th ‑ 15th. Please contact Fr. Pratap if you need a priest. Announcements for the Feb. 9th & 16th bulletins must be to Carmen by noon on Feb. 4th. Please plan accordingly.
RAFFLE TICKETS and money can be mailed to: Dianne Freking, 90607 350th Ave, Heron Lake, MN. Preferably drop your tickets in the collection or bring them down to
FUN SUNDAY on February 16th. (Alternate snow date is February 23rd)
LITURGICAL MINISTRY ROLES for the months of February/March are now available for you to pick up from the church entrance. Roles are also available for viewing on our website. See Please remember to find a substitute if you are unable to fulfill your assigned role.
MISSION QUILTING will meet on Tuesdays at 1:30PM in Steger Hall, weather permitting. Extra hands make light work. Do you have old drapes, mattress pads or blankets that could be used for batting? We could also use good used sheets or fabric for the quilt backs. Please drop these items at Church or Steger Hall. Thank you!
ONLY THE 1st EUCHARISTIC MINISTER on the schedule will need to assist Father at Communion each Sunday until the flu and cold season has passed.
THE PARISH is looking for someone to chair the Funeral Care Committee. Mary Olsem has generously volunteered her time for many years and wishes to step down soon. Please contact Mary, or Dianne Freking, if you would be willing to take this position.
CHECK THE CHURCH KITCHEN to see if there’s a pan or bowl that belongs to you. As Fun Day approaches it would be nice to remove clutter and have extra work space. Thanks!
FUN DAY is February 16th, from 9AM-1PM. CCW asks each family to donate $5.00 to help cover expenses, which can be dropped in the collection in a marked envelope. Guild chairs will be soliciting for pies, cakes and workers. Please contact Lisa Carlson 507‑221‑0234 or Cheri Rademacher at 507‑842‑5345, if you have a raffle item or cash prize you wish to donate. You may also drop your raffle prize donations at LISA’S HAIRSTYLING during regular business hours. This year’s theme is Jesus Loves You SNOW Much!
THE JR FORESTER SKI TRIP to Mount Kato is Sunday, March 1st, leaving Heron Lake at 12:00PM. Skiing from 2:00 – 6:30PM; cost is $19 for ski rentals. Lift tickets will be paid for by COF. Transportation available. Please call Kevin Leopold ASAP (793-2894) so plans can be made for the number interested.
Saturday, March 7: St. Charles Borromeo Parish, St. Charles
Saturday, March 28: St. Thomas More Newman Center, Mankato
Saturday, May 16: St. Thomas More Newman Center, Mankato
Saturday, July 28: St. John Vianney Parish, Fairmont
Wedding Question: Why do Catholic weddings need to take place in a church?
Answer: Technically, there is a clause in Church law that could allow for weddings to take place outside of a church, in a suitable space under special circumstances, but it requires the rare permission of the bishop. But the meaning of marriage goes very, very deep, and the Church has a vested interest in protecting that meaning. As Catholics, we don’t see a wedding as an event that needs a pleasing backdrop.
Marriage is a sacrament, both an occasion of joyful promise and symbolic solemnity. It is a spiritual event. The loving bond of marriage symbolizes the mystical union between Christ and his Church. The man and woman profess lifelong vows of fidelity, and they receive supernatural grace from God to keep their promises. Receiving the sacrament of Marriage in a church has broader symbolic meaning for the couple as well. Marriage isn’t simply two people in isolation from the world around them. Marriage is the joining of families and the beginning of a new, holy mission in the life of the couple. Weddings are sacred occasions, and it’s fitting that they occur in sacred spaces.
BY SUPPORTING the collection for the Church in Latin America, you are helping Brazilians fulfill their Gospel call to protect the vulnerable, defend human life and dignity, and address the causes of human trafficking throughout the country. The collection will be taken this weekend, January 25/26th.
ST. ADRIAN CHURCH, Adrian, is hosting the Vocations Fair on Wed., January, 29th, 7‑9pm, for youth in grades 9‑12, parents, catechists and parishioners. Evening includes break-out sessions with Sister of Mercy, Winona, A Married Couple, Priests, Seminarians and Secular Franciscans. Everyone is invited to attend. This is sponsored by the Faith Formation programs of the Worthington Deanery Parishes and the Winona Diocese Vocations Office.
RECERTIFICATION TRAINING: In January, the diocesan Safe Environment Office will again launch Keeping Our Promise Alive 3.0, a VIRTUS® online recertification training for anyone who completed the “VIRTUS live training” in 2014 or earlier. In February, a recertification notice will be sent to those who completed the training in 2015. Employees and volunteers of DOW-R parishes or schools that are due for recertification will receive an email from VIRTUS Online with credentials to login and complete the training. This training takes 30 - 40 minutes. This mandatory recertification training must be completed in order for parishes and schools to be compliant with the diocesan Safe Environment Policy.
MUMS: Are you a young mom, interested in meeting other moms? Moms Uplifting Moms is the group for you! MUMS meets at Alliance Church in Mountain Lake from 9-11am on the first Tuesday of each month. Every meeting includes fellowship, prayer, snack, and encouragement for moms! Childcare provided. We also need volunteers for childcare during those two hours, as many retired this year. Contact Katelin Brown or Ellie Schulte for more information. We would love to have you!
12 DAY EUROPE & OBERAMMERGAU PILGRIMAGE, July 6‑17, 2020, Roundtrip airfare from Minneapolis, 2 Meals/Day, 1st Class Hotels, Tips to Guides & Drivers, $4,390/Person from Mpls. For Further Information, please contact Fr. Michael Cronin, 507‑452‑5656,
CHECK THIS LINK for options and programs for paying for assisted living, nursing homes, etc.‑for‑assisted‑living.html The link is also available on our page:
CHECK THE BACK PAGE of our Bulletin when looking for a special service or product. Thank our advertisers when you see them.
RESPECT LIFE: January 2020 is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, as decreed by presidential proclamation. There are approximately 40.3 million people in forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and forced marriage worldwide. About $150 billion is made each year from forced labor, that’s over $4,750 a second. National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month culminates in the annual observation of National Freedom Day, February 1st. Visit:
DUE TO THE FLU VIRUS, the Common Chalice will not be offered at Mass until we get past the flu/cold season. Remember, if you are ill you are excused from the obligation to attend Mass.
A dedicated group of men created this cross from pieces of the original kneelers from Sacred Heart Catholic Church. They are being offered to parishoners and others for a nominal donation to Sacred Heart Foundation, to continue the restoration.
We would like to offer a cross to our eldest current or past Parish members living near Heron Lake or anywhere in the world, especially if living in skilled care facilities, home bound or with health difficulties. For those with the greatest need, it will be sent free of charge to the reciepients immediate family member for the presentation to their loved ones.
Please contact us at
Church Renovation
Sacred Heart Church was built in 1920‑1921 and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. This beautiful church has provided the spiritual needs of Sacred Heart Parish for many years. As the church has been there for our needs, it is time we take care of its. We are in the process of renovating the church in preparation of its 100th year anniversary.
After 43 years the carpet on the steps to the alter has been removed, revealing Indiana Limestone. Click here to see the pictures.
Visit the SH Foundation page for information and updates on the renovation. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact the office at or call 507‑793‑2357.
Facebook Page
Please like and share our Facebook page. The page is intended to connect current parish members and members that have moved with the activities of Sacred Heart Heron Lake. Additionally, it will show the activity and progress as the 98 year old building undergoes a restoration. Posts and pictures will be added as the project moves through each phase. Presently, the steering committee is working through priorities and possibilities of what can be accomplished with the funds available. Please enjoy what we offer.
New Parishioners
We welcome you into God’s family! If you are interested in learning more about our church, or would like to join, please stop in the Parish Office.
Please notify the Parish Office of any change of address.
Marriage Preparation
Contact the priest 6 to 12 months in advance of the date of marriage to fill out the forms, to do FOCCUS Test and to attend Marriage Prep Mentoring sessions. Fr. Pratap is seeking married couples who are practicing Catholics, and have children, who would be willing to volunteer to help prepare our engaged couples for marriage. Please contact Fr. Pratap at 507‑226‑4536, or your parish office, if interested.
Baptism Preparation
Contact the parish office a month in advance to fill out the form and to attend Baptism Mentoring Sessions. All Baptisms will be celebrated during weekend Masses.