SacredHeart Heron Lake
Tri-Parish Mass Intentions
You are invited to pray the rosary 1/2 hour prior to masses.
Thursday (12-02)
9:00 am  -  Brewster
Joe & Rose Weinandt
Friday (12-03)
9:00 am  -  Windom
Gene Martin
Saturday (12-04)
5:00 pm  -  Brewster
Jack Strouth
Sunday (12-05)
8:00 am  -  Heron Lake
Helen Becker
10:00 am  -  Windom
Al Purrington
Tuesday - Vigil (12-07)
5:30 pm  -  Windom
Rob Patterson
Wednesday - Holy Day (12-08)
9:00 am  -  Brewster
Mary Ann McNab
6:30 pm  -  Heron Lake
Tom & Milton Wolff
Thursday (12-09)
9:00 am  -  Brewster
Marilyn Kruger
Friday (12-10)
9:00 am  -  Windom
Communion Service
Clara Bartosh
Saturday (12-11)
5:00 pm  -  Brewster
Howard Damm
Sunday (12-12)
8:00 am  -  Heron Lake
Joe Salentiny
10:00 am  -  Windom
Ben & Dorothy Becker
Know that Fr. Pratap includes all of us in his daily prayers and private Mass intentions.
An Act of Spiritual Communion
My Jesus,
I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things,
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there
and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.

Statement from the Bishop

Beginning the weekend of July 3-4, I, along with the other Bishops of Minnesota, will reinstate the obligation of Catholics to come to mass on Sunday or Saturday evening. Gathering together and sharing in the Eucharist is the primary way in which Catholics follow the lord's command to keep holy the Sabbath. While there are occasions such as tis past year where this obligation is dispensed, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass remains the center of our lives as Catholics.

Click here to the full statement from the Bishop.

We, the parishioners of Sacred Heart, welcome you to join our parish community.  On this website you will find information about our parish, including Mass Times, how to contact the Parish Office, information about faith formation programs and more.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, fountain of eternal life, Your Heart is a glowing furnace of Love. You are my refuge and my sanctuary.
St. Gertrude the Great
Preparing the Manger
Where do you fall in the “Christmas‑songs‑in‑November” debate ‑ do you like them, tolerate them, or outright hate them? There’s no theological problem with Christmas songs in November outside of worship, even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But there is a problem with getting so caught up in the baggage of the season ‑ the trimmings, the gifts, the celebrations, all of which are marvelous in their own way ‑ that you forget to prepare the manger.
Every good Catholic knows that Lent is a penitential season. It’s hard to miss that point ‑ Lent doesn’t even have any fun songs you can groove to on the radio. We are pretty good at recognizing that Lent calls us to examine ourselves. To deny ourselves. To give of ourselves. And most of all, Lent calls us to prepare, as a good steward does, for the return of our master.
It’s harder for us to remember that with Advent, but Advent is just as much of an opportunity for penance, preparation, and reconciliation to God ‑ and just as much reason, too. The very name of the season ‑ “advent” ‑ encourages us to focus on what is coming, not what is already here. Be on guard, the readings tell us today, “so that your hearts are not weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of this life, and (the coming of the Lord) catch you unexpectedly, like a trap.”
So let us not forget ‑ our master’s advent is upon us. And let us ask ourselves: how can we prepare the manger?
‑ Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS
Weekly Gospel Meditation
Staying awake can often be a challenge, especially when we are exhausted. Life’s demands have a way of zapping every last bit of energy out of us. When we are tired it affects us not only physically, but psychologically and spiritually as well. All of our senses are dulled and diminished. We can overlook details, become disinterested, lethargic and apathetic, and detached. Getting sufficient physical rest only helps so much. We need to be rejuvenated, refreshed, and reenergized in other ways. If we are psychologically exhausted, we need to understand what is draining our emotions and taxing our relationships. If we are spiritually tired, we need to find the necessary “shot in the arm” to put us back in touch with God. Unfortunately, exhaustion is seldom limited to just one part of who we are. When we lack energy and zeal it is usually the case that everything suffers. We not only are affected physically, but psychologically and spiritually as well. In short, when we run out of gas the engine stops.
And yet, our Lord’s directive is clear, “Be vigilant at all times.” Even Jesus knew what “the anxieties of daily life” can do to us. One day pours into another and time quickly flies by. Any one of us can take a moment and reflect on how many wonderful, creative opportunities we miss because there is always so much “stuff” to do and so little time to do it. Usually these are missed moments of love, and if we are missing love encounters we are also missing God. Sleepwalking through life, we check the boxes next to our list of “must and have to dos” and justify it all by convincing ourselves that tomorrow is another day and there’ll be more time. It may surprise us, but tomorrow is here, and time is running out. While we may like to believe that we have an “eternity” of time to do all those things that require the focus, energy, and desire we do not currently have, we don’t. We’re on a limited ride and time is short.
Jesus is also clear on another point. “That day [will] catch you by surprise like a trap.” If we are going to be judged on love and so easily justify not having all that much time to do so, then it seems we must shift focus a bit. St. Teresa of Calcutta tells us, “We desire to be able to welcome Jesus at Christmas‑time, not in a cold manger of our heart, but in a heart full of love and humility, a heart so pure, so immaculate, so warm with love for one another.” Getting to this place doesn’t “just happen.” It requires vigilance and discipline both with a knowledge of what is really of importance and what really needs to be the focus of our energy and time. Pray, starting now and not tomorrow, that we can stay alert, be strengthened in our faith, and prepared for whatever will come. Don’t miss another opportunity to love.
Faith Formation classes will NOT be held on Sunday, Nov. 28th due to Thanksgiving break.
Angel Tree gift tags will be available on Sunday, Nov. 28th, after Mass. See Dianne Freking. Please place unwrapped gifts in the box at church by Dec. 12th. Be sure to clearly mark your gifts with the number from your tag. Thank you for your kindness.
Early bulletin deadlines apply now through JAN 2, 2022. Please plan ahead and get you announcements to your parish office coordinator early. Thank you for your cooperation. Reminder: Sacred Heart ‑ Heron Lake email address has changed. It is now
A Planning meeting for FUN DAY will be held in the church hall on Tuesday, Dec. 7th, at 6:30pm for anyone interested in helping plan this CCW event. Guild chairs and co‑chairs please attend.
Christmas flowers: Please use the envelope from your packet for your donation toward decorating for the Advent/ Christmas season. Thank you for choosing to help enhance the beauty of our Church environment.
THANK YOU for your generous donations, totaling $1200 this year, to the Baby Bottle Campaign! The gifts you provided will continue to impact the lives of new and expectant parents throughout the coming year. Each donation supports a confident pregnancy and a stable beginning for a new little one. YOU have made a difference!
Mark your calendar for the weekend of August 20‑21, 2022, as plans are underway for our Church Centennial Celebration. More details to come.
Liturgical ministry roles for the month of December are available for you to pick up from the church entrance. Please find a substitute if you are unable to be there on your scheduled dates. Roles are also available for viewing on our website. Visit us on
Sacred Heart parish is looking for someone to do the seasonal church decorating. Please contact the parish office if interested.
Communion by mouth: The front pew on the right side is reserved for parishioners who choose to receive the Eucharist by mouth. If you receive by mouth, PLEASE move to this pew and the Eucharistic Minister will bring Communion to you after everyone in line has been served.
Thank You to Fr. Peter Klein for celebrating mass with us this weekend. And welcome back to Fr. Pratap!
Respect Life ‑ Please join us for the National Night of Prayer for Life on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Wednesday, December 8 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. This special hour includes adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the holy Rosary, prayer to St. Michael, and silent prayer. You are welcome to come for whatever time you can, to offer prayers.
If you would like to receive the Courier, send your name and address to
Diocese of Winona‑Rochester The Courier
55 West Sanborn
WINONA, MN 55987
Office position opening: Sacred Heart Church in Heron Lake is seeking a Parish Office Administrator. The preferred candidate will have experience in basic accounting / payroll, be a practicing Catholic willing to learn the church accounting system, have basic computer knowledge including Microsoft programs, and be willing to work in an office setting. An employee benefit package is offered. The office is located at 321 9th St., in Heron Lake, MN. A job application may be obtained from the church office or by calling 507‑ 793‑2357. Send resume and credentials to: Fr. Pratap Salibindla at PO Box 377, Heron Lake, MN.
The Windom Area Chordhustlers Barbershop Chorus will present their Food Shelf Concert on Sunday, November 28th at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. The program of Christmas music will begin at 2:00 p.m. Following the concert there will be Christmas goodies in the fellowship hall. Admission in non‑perishable food items or a freewill cash donation. Hope to see you there.
Get your Worthington Deanery shirt! The Worthington Deanery Social Concerns Roundtable is selling shirts promoting our deanery. The shirts display this verse from Isaiah 1: 17: Learn to do good, make justice your aim, redress the wronged, hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow. These beautiful shirts are available in purple, turquoise and navy blue and in a variety of sizes. The best part? Money from the sale of each shirt will be going to fund youth events in the Worthington Deanery! Sales deadline is Dec. 3rd for delivery before Christmas. You can find order forms in the entrance of the church Contact Pat Spencer for more information about long sleeve shirts. There will be a 2nd order deadline in January ‑ but don’t wait, get yours now!
Plan to attend the December 4‑5 Marriage Encounter and bring the marriage of your dreams into the Christmas season and beyond! Weekends are held at Mt Olivet Conference and Retreat Center in Farmington. Visit for additional information or call 651.454.3238.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
We are excited to start the process of beginning a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level I Atrium at St. Francis Xavier. What is Catechesis of the Good Shepherd? From their website: “CGS is a common religious experience involving children and adults in which the religious values of childhood, primarily those values of contemplation and enjoyment of God, are predominant. This experience is shared in a place particularly prepared for the religious life of children called the Atrium.”
But we need your help! It takes a lot of work and materials to set up an atrium. If you can help with any of the items listed below please contact Katelin. Also, if you are able to sew, do carpentry, or love doing crafts (we need many small shelves, items built or sewn, and put together) please contact Katelin.
Needs list: (Please check back each week as we continue to grow our Atrium)
Small low tables (think for preschool age children to sit on floor or small chairs) Small lamps
Basic child sized cleaning tools (broom, mop, dustpan, hand brush, duster) Small kneeler or cushion
Small/Medium statues: Blessed Mother, Holy Family, Jesus as the Good Shepherd Small stand or easel (to hold small prayer cards)
Katelin Brown ‑ 507‑621‑8187, For more information on Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, visit
Contributions can be sent to Sacred Heart Church, PO Box 377, Heron Lake, MN 56137. You may also continue to support your parish through an online giving option. Giving is an act of worship. Your parish continues to need and appreciate your support.
Online parish donations: An online page has been created on a secure website so that donors can make donations online to any parish in the Winona‑Rochester Diocese. Please visit‑donations. Donations made on this site are for the operations of parishes. Donors can use the drop‑down menu to select the parish that they would like to support. If donors would rather call in to provide their information, they can contact Monica Herman directly at 507‑858‑1276.
Facebook Page
Please like and share our Facebook page. The page is intended to connect current parish members and members that have moved with the activities of Sacred Heart Heron Lake.
New Parishioners
We welcome you into God’s family! If you are interested in learning more about our church, or would like to join, please stop in the Parish Office.
Please notify the Parish Office of any change of address.
Marriage Preparation
Contact the priest 6 to 12 months in advance of the date of marriage to fill out the forms, to do FOCCUS Test and to attend Marriage Prep Mentoring sessions. Fr. Pratap is seeking married couples who are practicing Catholics, and have children, who would be willing to volunteer to help prepare our engaged couples for marriage. Please contact Fr. Pratap at 507‑226‑4536, or your parish office, if interested.
Baptism Preparation
Contact the parish office a month in advance to fill out the form and to attend Baptism Mentoring Sessions. All Baptisms will be celebrated privately until further notice.
Sacrament of Reconciliation
The Sacrament of Reconciliation still available by appointment for each Parish.