Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel:

O Lord of Heavenly wisdom, who has given us your own mother, Mary, to be our guide and counselor in this life, grant that in all things we may have the grace to seek her maternal instruction and to profit by it in humility and love.

O Mother of Good Counsel, Patroness of the National Council of Catholic Women, help us to understand and fulfill the mind and will of your Divine Son, Jesus Christ.

Under the blessings of the Father and by the power of the Holy Spirit, may we be responsible and intelligent daughters of the Church. May we labor in the spirit of renewal and realize more perfectly the Kingdom of God here below, as the only true preparation for our share in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And may we, in all we think, do or say, be filled with the same love of God and neighbor that overflows from your own Immaculate Heart. Amen.

"The Praying Guild"

The Gold Star Members of St. Clare's Guild are asked to faithfully pray that the activities of the guild members are pleasing to God.

Joleen Koopman
Ruth Doherty
Helen Becker
Rita Fest
Marlean Horkey
Margaret Henkels
Viola Liepold
Elaine Schnieder
Chair: Colette Leopold
Co-Chair: Rhonda Damm
Appel, Brenda (Jeff)
Bartosh, Sara (Jeremy)
Bartosh, Judy (Mark)
Brunk, Liz Diemer (David)
Carlson, Lisa (Guy)
Christoffer, Andrea (Dean)
Diemer, Collette (George)
Diemer, Mitz (Larry)
Doherty, Diane (Brad)
Edwards, Marsha (Lonnie)
Ferguson, Rhonda (Brian)
Fest, Marilyn (Bill)
Finnegan, Marge
Graef, Marilyn (Rob)
Henkels, Celia
Henkels, Dee (Glenn)
Henkels, Rita
Henkels, Lori (Sam)
Hinkeldey, Patti (Jon)
Hotovec, Susan
Jenniges, Cheryl (Paul)
Johanning, Connie (Loren)
Krumbach, Melanie (Tom)
Leopold, Janelle (Clayton)
Leopold, Mary (Kim)
Liepold, Kristi (Randy)
Liepold, Martha (Bob)
Mathias, Karen (George)
Menke, Dorothy
Miranowski, Cleo (Rod)
Olsem, Kathy (Tom)
Olson, Marlys (David)
Perrizo, Anita (Dan)
Rademacher, Cheryl (Jim)
Rasche, Carmen (Wayne)
Rasche, Jeanie (Steve)
Reyes, Maria (Jesus)
Rostomily, Eva
Rostomily, Rhonda (Joel)
Schaffer, Myrna
Schmid, Mary
Vangsness, Diane (Bill)
Volk, Julianne (John)
Wagner, Carol (Jerry)
Winkler, Cammy
Chair: Mackenzie Erickson
Co-Chair: Vickie Hussong
Bartosh, Marietta (Dale)
Baumgarn, Sherri (Tim)
DeWall, Cindy (Mark)
Diemer, Anna (Jason)
Dirks, Theresa (Dan)
Erickson, Emily (Evan)
Ferguson, Lucille
Freking, Carolyn (Carroll)
Freking, Colleen (Ed)
Freking, Marge (Gene)
Garoutte, Delores (Dean)
Haar, Rachel (Troy)
Haberman, Angie
Haberman, Carrissa (Ryan)
Haberman, Erin
Haberman, Kathi (Mark)
Hartman, Sandy (Roger)
Horkey, Linda (Mike)
Hussong, Barb (Steve)
Iverson, Suzanne (Brad)
Janssen, Katie (Jeremy)
Juarez, Magdalena (Jose)
Leopold, Sharon (Kraig)
Liepold, Anne (Marvin)
Liepold, Lynn (Jim)
Madsen, Diana (Michael)
Madsen, Jody (Gary)
Massey, Micaela
Mathias, Mary (Bob)
Olsem, Carla (George)
Olsem, Carolyn (Joe)
Pelzel, Joyce
Pelzel, Judy (Bob)
Pelzel, Terri (Brian)
Rasche, Lois
Robinson, Ann (George)
Schneider, Patti (Jim)
Stearns, Lori (Larry)
Stenzel, Mary Ellen
Stenzel, Pat (Jim)
Vandekamp, Samantha (Travis)
Wagner, Anne (Mark)
Wolff, Veronica (Milton)
Wurdeman, Susan (Bill)
Zishka, Bethany
Chair: Joanne Waldron
Co-Chair: Martha Liepold
Allen, Janet (Norm)
Anderson, Judy (Lee)
Appel, Barbara
Arends, Deb
Barber, Shelly (Scott)
Becker, Sonya (Jim)
Bonnell, Pat (Burt)
Cihak, Valerie (Mark)
Collin, Roxie
Cranston, Carol (Perry)
Damm, Donna (David)
DeWall, Doreen
Freking, Dianne (Richard)
Freking, Fidelis (Cletus)
Freking, June (Delbert)
Freking, Rose (David)
Freking, Tracy (Jason)
Haberman, Tracy (John)
Hagge, Bonnie
Hattendorf, Katy (Duane)
Henkels, Bonnie (Dave)
Henkels, Cathy (Marty)
Henkels, Denise (Ed)
Hotzler, Pat (Jeff)
Johnson, Alexis (Anthony)
Kaufman, Sandy (Ron)
Koehn, Marlene
Kruse, Lori (Galen)
Leopold, Mary Anne
Liepold, Nell (Linus)
Lohse, Agnes (Bill)
Madsen, Sandy (Bob)
Miranowski, Jayne (Tom)
Olsem, Mary
Olson, Pat (Lyden)
Pelzel, Delores (Gene)
Rasche, Annie (Andrew)
Rasche, Gina
Salentiny, Lynne (Jim)
Shelton, Tami
Stearns, Summer (Jesse)
Stenzel, Elaine
Stenzel, Judy
Vanderheiden, Mavis (Don)
Volk, Maurita (Don)
Wagner, Shirley (Larry)