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2015 - 2016
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Sacred Heart Church Hall
Sacred Heart Rectory Office
Sacred Heart School
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Parish Coordinator
Carmen Rasche
Parish Maintenance
Jeff Hotzler
Parish Sacristan
Cleo Miranowski
Parish Decorator
Mary Mathias
School Custodian
Marlys Olson

Parish Council

The responsibility of the Parish Council is to make decisions regarding the welfare of the church.
The Parish Council is comprised of the Finance Committee Members, Education Committee Members, Parish Life/Social Ministry Committee, Liturgy Committee, two appointed trustees, church secretary and Director of Religious Education serve as ex-officio members of the Parish Pastoral Council.
Council meetings are held every other month on the third Wednesday of the month.
Finance Committee:  (elected)
Jason Freking
Marty Henkels
Larry Liepold, Chairman
Trustees:  (appointed)
John Volk
Tracy Freking
Liturgy /Environment Committee:
Jayne Miranowski
June Freking
Mary Olsem
Mary Mathias
Cleo Miranowski
Maurita Volk
Marlys Olson
Parish Life/Social Ministry Committee:  (appointed)
Jason Freking - COF
Collette Diemer - CCW President
Colette Leopold - St. Ann Guild
Mackenzie Erickson - St. Bernadette Guild
Joanne Waldron - St. Catherine Guild
Education Committee:  (appointed)
Sara Bartosh (DRE)
(This committee is in the process of revision)

Parish Foundation

The Sacred Heart Parish Foundation, and its Board of Directors, has been established by the Parish Pastoral Council to accept funds specifically for the purpose of the future renovation and interior preservation of the Sacred Heart Church. These funds will be distributed by the Board of Directors, as needed, for the repair or renovation that require major expenditures.

The Board of Directors includes: the church Pastor, representing the interests of the Bishop of the Diocese of Winona, six appointed board members selected and approved by the Parish Council, and one Parish Pastoral Council sitting member.

The current board members are: David and Rose Freking, Jeremy and Katy Janssen, and Dan and Anita Perrizo appointed by the Parish Pastoral Council, Larry Liepold representing the Parish Pastoral Council, and the current pastor.

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Cemetery Association

Bishop John Quinn
Vice President
Father Patrick Arens
Robert Liepold
Don Volk
Board Member
David Freking
Jason Freking

Nursing Home/Assisted Living

Sacred Heart Heron Lake Parishoners residing in Area Nursing Homes:
Sogge Good Samaritan Home, Windom
Otto Just
Les Leopold
Rod Miranowski
Bill Fest
The Meadows, Worthington
Elaine Schnieder
Maple Estates, Fulda
Rita Fest

Catholic Residents of Lakeview Assisted Living, Heron Lake, MN:
Sacred Heart, Heron Lake
Mary Allen
Dennis Freking
Marlean Horkey
Linus Liepold
Viola Liepold
Sacred Heart, Brewster
Fern Strouth
St. Joseph, Lakefield
Jean Madsen
St. Mary, Worthington
Karen Molitor
Fulda Area
Julie Garvin
Rochester Area
Steve Johnson

Parish Activities at Lakeview Assisted Living
Ecumenical Christmas Party
December 14, 2016 at 2:30 pm
Refreshments  -  St. Catherine’s Guild
Entertainment  -  Community Concerns
Birthday Party
February 15, 2017 at 2:30 pm
Refreshments  -  St. Ann’s Guild
Entertainment  -  Community Concerns
Those responsible for serving refreshment will provide lunch for all residents of the Lakeview Assisted Living, staff and visitors-approximately 30 people.

Father will be providing the sacraments at the Assisted Living according to his schedule.


Jayne Miranowski
Tracy Freking
Bonnie Henkels
Doug Damm
Joe Edwards
Fidelis Freking
Brooke Freking
Colleen Freking
Jason Freking
June Freking
Samantha Freking
Tracy Freking
Bonnie Henkels
Dave Henkels
Lori Henkels
Cleo Miranowski
Mary Olsem
Joyce Pelzel
Mary Schmid
John Stenzel
Julianne Volk
Maurita Volk
Shirley Wagner
Joanne Waldon
If you have a musical gift you would like to share with the Sacred Heart Choir, please contact Marlys Olson at 507.360.0722. We are looking for those who enjoy singing and/or playing any sort of instrument. “Come, Christians, join to sing, Loud praise to Christ our King. Alleluia! Amen!”


Catholic Order of Foresters
Chief Ranger
Kevin Leopold
Vice Chief
David Freking
Ranger Recording
Mark Bartosh
Secretary Financial
Larry Liepold
Secretary Treasurer
Dean Lohse
Juvenile Director
Jason Freking
Don Vanderheiden
Kraig Leopold
Brad Iverson
Meetings held as needed.

National Catholic Society of Foresters
Maurita Volk
Vice President
Lucille Ferguson
Recording Secretary
Mary Ellen Stenzel
Financial Secretary
Elaine Stenzel
Elaine Stenzel

Funeral Meals/Care Committee

Mary Olsem  -  468-2220
Back Up
June Freking  -  793-2230

The Care Committee plans, prepares and serves the funeral luncheons. This Committee consists of volunteers who are able to work at the time of a funeral.

Funeral meals are prepared by the Care Committee. The family of the deceased shall assume the cost of any food prepared by the Care Committee volunteers. A guild will be assigned to seek cake and salad donations from parishioners for each funeral meal prepared.

When you are contacted to provide a cake or a salad, your cooperation is appreciated. Many women work outside of the home, and understand the sacrifice to pick up or prepare homemade items to assist during these times of need. The church is open to deliver your food the night before a funeral until 8 p.m. and the morning of the funeral by 7 a.m. We hope this will accommodate most people’s busy schedules. When you drop off your food, please register on the sign-in sheet. Registering will help the family know who donated the food, and allows us to calculate volunteer hours to submit to the diocese for our parish.

Cake & Salad Guidelines:
Salads should serve a minimum of 8-10 people
Cakes can be any of the following:
18 cupcakes
9X13' cake
angel food cake
bundt cake
Please follow the cake and salad guidelines to ensure that we can provide enough food for the guests of the funeral.

Refreshments for the prayer service are typically offered and served by friends and family of the deceased person.

Any questions about the Care Committee or volunteering your service to the committee can be directed to Mary Olsem (468-2220).

Facility and Equipment Rental

Sacred Heart Church Hall and Steger Hall are available to rent for activities. All fees must be paid at the time of reservation, or prior to the date you wish to use the facilities for your event.
Sacred Heart Church Wedding Fees - to be paid before service:
Sacred Heart HL Parishioners  -  $250
Non-parishioners  -  $500
(Gifts to the Priest are in addition to the above fee)
Sacred Heart Church Funerals  -  Donations appreciated
Sacred Heart Church Hall  -  $50 per event
Steger Hall  -  $10 per hour ($30 minimum)
Tables and Chairs
Tables*  -  $2 each
Chairs*  -  $ .25 each
*Tables and chairs may be rented from Steger Hall only
Nothing may be borrowed or rented, under any circumstances, from Sacred Heart Church hall or the church kitchen

Tri-Parish Office

Office Coordinator:  Carmen Rasche
Office Hours: 8:30 - 4 on Tuesday - Thursdays
Ph:  507.793.2357
Sacred Heart, Brewster
Office Coordinator:  Loretta Smith
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30 - 4:30
Ph:  507.842.5584
Office Coordinator:  Pat Spencer
Tuesday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Ph:  507.831.1985


Parish nursing is a health ministry. The parish nurse and volunteers work to promote health and wellness within the parish in a variety of ways including educational programs, health fairs and home and hospital visits. The parish nurse works with home care, public health and other health care providers to make sure people receive the type of care they need. Parish nursing is independent nursing practice so the parish nurse does not provide direct hands-on medical care, such as administering medications. Parish nurses offer support and knowledge in times of need and look upon the individual as a holistic being with physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs. The parishes of Sacred Heart Brewster and Sacred Heart Heron Lake support parish nursing.

Heron Lake parishioners may contact either:
Kathi Haberman, RN
Email: pnKathi@msn.com
Private #: 507.360.1469
Home #: 507.793.2890
Rhonda Ferguson, RN
Email: pnRhonda@gmail.com
Private #: 507-370-2303
Home #: 507-468-2265


Father Patrick Arens
548 17th St.
PO Box 39
Windom, MN 56101
Rectory:  507.831.3300