2012 VBS Adventures on Promise Island

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Wash cloth/soap bunnies: children each made two, one to take home and one to go into the emergency hygiene kits we made as a service project to donate to the HL Food Shelf.

Soap and bunnies

Match stick crosses that each child in grades 2-6 made.

Match stick

"Welcome to Promise Island" BB

Promise Island

Large group at Seaside Celebrations (opening each day)

Seaside celebration

Recreation at Funtime Falls. All grades participated in a Survivor Challenge each day. This was the obstacle course.

Funtime Falls

Pre-school children at picnic/program.


Pastor Peter Speiser leading the music.

Pastor Peter Speiser

Singing the "B-I-B-L-E" song.


Pat Stenzel presenting Collete with a retirement gift.


Showing of the 2-volume set of 20 years of memories as a DRE for Sacred Heart Parish and a coordinator of the ecumenical VBS program.

Collette Memories